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Master C.V.V.(Canchupati Venkatrao Venkasami Rao) was born on 04AUG1868 at 10:20 A.M. Dhanishta nakshatram at Ammal satram, Kumbakonam, Tamilanadu, India.

Master is a very benevolent person from the beginning. If any corpse seen by him, his heart pelipitated like deer’s eyes. To avert the death, He tried so many ways. He tried Louis Kuhne books. Louis kuhne wrote so many books on "Diagnosis of the state of disease and New Science of Healing" publi-shed on 1897. It seems that he has tried and not satisfied with that treatment also. After all these events C.V.V. joined in the Theosophical Society. He became a inner circle member. Their theory also referred to astral body only but not for physical. Their theory also not given the satisfactory answer to C.V.V. He came out of the Theosophical Society and he thought to start a New Yoga, different from all Yogas. All yogas and all societies are running in one path, Master CVV Yoga is running in another path.

He started first with his Grand Father, Father, First wife, first wife son and his close friend S.Sundaram. He started the practice. One day ‘Mahatma’ i.e. One Point appeared before him. If you obey my instructions, I will give the powers to prevent the death. Happily he accepted the offer. Mahatma gave the folowing :- You should practice as per my wishes and my biddings, following my rules and regulations and instructions with pure heart, with diligent faith, with implicit obedience, without flaw. The practice should be done uninterruptedly. I will give you necessary instructions for your daily progress to achieve this goal.

If you fail to obey my instructions, I will with draw my promise. Then what will be your fate? Think over. C.V.V. accepted his biddings, commenced with the above members.

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