The aim of Master CVV’s Yoga : To Conquer the death / Physical Immortality.

The Master CVV’s Yoga (New Yoga) was started by Master CVV for the following reasons :
  1. “The secrets and the cause of the creation are taught here in simple manner to make one a wise however ignorant or poor one may be. Ways are being paved to give all wisdom during family life itself without discarding it, to be without disease, old age and death. Not only we but also those who are closely associated with us will enjoy these fruits”.
         - MTa (Independence Declaration, Dt. 7th Jan 1910, 5:20 p.m.)
  2. “To keep you without death and birth and to make you realize the ‘Deluding One’ “.                                        
           - MTa (Disobedience cannot be tolerated, dt. 25th Nov 1912)
  3. “This New Yoga is enabling all to enjoy all the Siddis, obtainable by Yoga, in this physical body and in full conscious state. I have given you directions, symbolic ways for your development. You must try to learn the meaning of these symbols and then question me, if you have any doubts”.

                                - MTa (Pillar Test, Dt. 28th Aug 1917)
  4. “Recalling the Dead”:

    • The dead whose body was burnt.
    • Whose body still here but life extrivent.
    • Those about to die, stopping their death.
    • When after two months, the matter is collected by stability in the man(the father) and ground is not ready, it will return seven times like this it will do.(RSG Notes) By this 4 Dead occurances has been tried. 
                                                 - MTa