1. should be above the age of 12. (for treatment purpose, it would not apply).
  2. in case the applicant is a dependent on his parents their permission is necessary. In the case of ladies the husband’s permission is necessary. (if divorced woman wants to live with her husband to lead happy life, she may also pray) In case of unmarried ladies parents or guardian’s permission is necessary.
  3. should be solvent. (if any solvent person get over from his/her crisis, he/she may also pray for relief).
  4. should be free from worries. (can request Master to help him/her to make him/her worry free).
  5. should not be subject to any repulsive or chronic disease.
  6. must have the determination not to give up the practice for a period of 10 years.
  7. should not be addicted to any questionable ways or habits of life.
  8. should desist from practicing Pranayama, and chanting Bhijaksharas. (Gayathri excepted)
  9. the religious practices should not be done.
  10. should not utter OM or other mantras.
  11. No Initiation fee.
  12. No subscription fee.
  13. No treatment fee. (free treatment for all types of diseases).